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II. Lovesucker

Submission for this pxtunes album! :

They attempted to make their way to the largest city on the continent, but took a slew of wrong turns. The trio expected to find a rail somewhere, since they could hear metallic banging every so often in the distance, but as their journey went on, their sense of direction was pulled every which way by banging coming from two adjacent directions. After a few days of debate, the now starving trio picked a direction and traveled straight towards the source of the noise. Soon, the sound of the waves washing ashore and a bustling city would accompany the metallic banging, and the trio, famished, would have to pick someone off before the morning got any brighter.

The trio eventually learned that the city's residents didn't take kindly to changelings, but they still tolerated them along with a variety of other odd and dangerous beings the trio had never seen before, not to mention the dangerous people in the city. As Xerox made his way through an alley, a group of malicious folks shot him looks and said, "kill yourself, lovesucker," to which he immediately lost his temper and descended upon the crowd, leaving not a beating heart in his wake.

The metallic banging continued each day, it was resounding thunder that came from far deep within the city and below the feet of its residents. No one payed much mind to it as it went off every day like clockwork. However, it held the attention of Devet, and Devet, intrigued, ventured far beneath the city's metal plated floor.

The metallic banging did not sound the next day.

Have you seen Nines?
Huh? No, I haven't.
I assumed that bastard would be back by now. Must have up and left, no surprise.
I doubt your spats did anything to make Devet leave. You don't think Devet...
Died? Well, whatever, if anyone was gonna die it would be Nines. We have better things to focus on anyway.
This sucks.
Yeah, fuck dude.
What the hell do we do now?
We push forward.
I'm sure Devet is still alive, might have gotten into some trouble is all.

Oct. 31, 2022, 2:05 a.m.
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Oct. 31, 2022, 2:41 a.m.