pxtone web is a fan site where you can share your pxtone pieces and listen to others. It has a web player that visualizes each of the voices in a piano roll or unit view.

pxtone collage is a free but powerful music editor made by Pixel, the creator of Cave Story and Kero Blaster. It stores music in its own compact ptcop format, but can export to wav. Go download it yourself and try it out!

See here for list of changes.
Site help
Click "New" up top, load your file, set up how you want the player to look to everyone, enter song information, and click "Submit"!
Click the 'Edit' button next to your song and make changes there. If you posted it while logged out, you will have to enter the password you set when you posted the song.
It prevents you from accessing the song unless you're the uploader or have the URL.
If you're not logged in, this password will let you edit and delete the song later.
You don't need to set a password for each song and can edit it / see your private songs freely. You can also set some profile information, and delete your account (and all its songs) at any time.
The options at the bottom you can play around with. Some lesser-known features:
  • You can click on the progress bar to seek to a position in the song.
  • You can also click on the measure bar at the top to seek.
  • Click on the name of the unit to pin it.
  • Click on the square next to the unit name to hide it in the keyboard.
  • Right-click the square next to the unit name to change the colour.
  • Click the speaker next to the unit name to mute it, if muting is not locked.
If the sound is choppy, try increasing the buffer size in the settings. If it takes too long to mute a unit, try decreasing it. There's a balance!
If you are on Safari, please try with Firefox or Chrome. If you are on iOS and no sound is playing, please turn off vibrate mode.
If you have any questions / suggestions / need help for this site, please contact sidedishes (sidedishes[at]ptweb.me or @sidedishf on Twitter). I will do my best to try to help.
Feel free to suggest more.
Don't upload anything you don't own or it may be taken down. Please understand that the site does not prevent any .ptcop or .pttune you post from being downloaded by others.
Anyone can upload to this site, so even though they're music files, please take care before downloading and running.
Thanks to Pixel for making pxtone, releasing the source, and supporting this site in so many ways! Thanks to petamoriken for making the library that allows using the pxtone source from web apps. Thanks to Nikohl for graciously helping translate! Thanks to all the pxtone composers for making awesome jams!