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- Thomas' Challenges - Spooky Pt-Challenge! -

YES! Did ya miss this? Well, I'm back with the challenges!
So, basically, I'll say the theme and how it have to be made.

A haunted house with the pxtone logo merges in Chicago, you guys in a expedition entered the house and met the things about. But..
THE ORGMAKER MONSTER APPEARS IN YOUR FROUNT!!!! YOU RAN, RAN, RAN AND RAN.... and you did scape of they, but you have more monsters to meet, run, or kill. Have fun in this house...~

The pack will be send later.

- Structure.

Name of the theme, of couse;
You have to create an entity representing the music, describe them and say about he music, so... The name of Entinty, Characteristics, Personality, How they kill their victims, how to survive to them, how to kill them and how to they do not kill you and have a good relationship with you;
place that you can find them;
and the climax of them,

- Main Theme

Horror. Be creative because is Halloween!!!

- Can i make covers?

YES! Of couse! But be creative and warn us that is a cover.

- How'll be the end of this?

Well, the end of the challenge will be with the evaluation of 3 people. The best point means the best of all! So, do your best! And don't be sad if your music even coudn't be even on the 3st place, you may can try in another challenge, best musicians!

Please, don't copy others musics, and be creative. Don't attack others and be respectful with your opponents!

Good luck when i send the pack! And read the comment!!!!!!!!!! Bye.

Oct. 4, 2022, 4:40 a.m.
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