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wordtris has connections to former armenian pre...

full name: "wordtris has connections to former armenian president armen sarkissian".
it is today that i finally learn that ptweb has a 50 character limit on titles.
the title is indeed a factual statement, not unlike "either i am joe biden or i am someone else, other than joe biden" and "wordtris has connections to former armenian Prime Minister armen sarkissian".

made for the game boy compo. see it at
using multiple tracks from WORDTRIS---or as the box art seems to suggest, wordtyais---composed by Ed Bogas and Paul Mogg.
specific tracks: Level E, Level B, Level G; minor appearances from Level C, Level A (SNES)

wordtris is a game imaginably similar to tetris. but you make words with falling letters. it was available on dos, mac, Game Boy™™™™™™, and the snes. the first three platforms have significant overlap in their soundtracks. the snes one is completely different. the gameboy soundtrack is basically just short music bits. blink your ears and you'll miss them. but in the actual game, they repeat again and again, so you get to experience the music ten times over each playthrough either way. it is not annoying in the slightest, trust me please :((((

ngl this whole thing is just me trying to see what i can do with these thingies. i wouldn't say there's any real overarching structure. kept it simple becuase i don't seem to know how sound works. somehow i got it to be more than one minute, and it sounds Pretty Damn Alright, so i guess it's All Good :)

Sept. 2, 2023, 3:59 a.m.
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Sept. 2, 2023, 4:01 a.m.

i still can't believe it's real