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Thomas's Challenge (Spooky October) - 5LS0

Entity 50
Name: 5LS0 (AKA: 5anity Light System 0perator)

5LS0 is a humanoid with a monitor in their head that can flash bright colors and make a lot of noise; He use clothes and it's visible that his body is covered by electric wires.
He has a 1/50 chance of appearing in a place with a Monitor.
If you're in the same room as him the room will become white and monitors appears from the walls. The monitors have a countdown and they restart after the time goes out. The room also gives a black flash when he is approaching.
How to Avoid/Survive: Pay attention to the Timer, when it get on 0, hide immediately before he reaches you. He's really fast so you can't outrun him. If you get caught by him, he will hold you, his screen will flash multiple colors like a glitch and he'll scream with his glitched voice. After that you will lose your enitre Sanity and it will even make you commit <Omitted>.
How to Pacify: It's impossible due to his sounds, even if you look away, you still can hear him loud and clear.
How to Kill: If you're fast enough to Shoot at his neck and destoy all the wires, you can still have a little of sanity after killing him. But keep in mind that he's the Light System Operator, so if you kill him, many rooms will become darker and some will lose Energy Source.

The song represent 5 stages of encoutering him:
Fear, Confusion, Understanding, Despair and Failure

Oct. 7, 2022, 2:27 a.m.
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