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Ep2 WPTC NEWS- U-Rah-Eh Eh-Borro

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From WPTC News in Arizona I’m Will… I’m Crab Thursday, this is All the things we considered

Following the Pxtunes theme election, members of congress gathered to decide the first pxtunes project of 2023. After a grueling 48 hours, an unknown spokesperson emerged from the capital announcing Crab as the latest Pxtunes project. The resulting excitement quickly spread across the country. Government officials including President Jacrabcheese legally changed their names infusing crustation terminology with their previous.

Strict guidelines are to be followed for all contributions. Music must be composed using Pxtone or Ptcollab. Choosing to use any other software will result in a criminal sentence. Submissions are due by March 9th, National Crab Meat Day. Late submissions will be incinerated followed by a felony charge. Questions related to the project may or may not receive a response in greater detail than "crab”.

Many composers participated in philosophical discussions to better understand the meaning of Crab. What is a crab? Why is crab? Where do crabs come from? One discussion turned hasty when the divided sides argued over what makes a crab a true crab. .ptcops successfully escalated the situation beyond reason, making the crowd forget what they were arguing about in the first place. WPTC reporters on scene describe the debacle as “Silly”

Listeners reached out to WPTC news expressing deep concern relating to the January 6th insurrection. Who are the religious extremists? Where did they come from? Why did they raid the capital? Their religious leader Broke into WPTC News today demanding an interview. Security failed to protect me. I am currently locked in the studio today with Doctor U-rah-eh Eh-borro, professor of Carcinology, high priestess, and mother of 100,000.

Dr. Eh-Borro thank you for joining us today.
“Crab noises”

You were present during the insurrection, correct?
“Crab noise”

I understand, is that why you’re here today?
“Crab noise”

Interesting, What can you tell us about your religion?
“Crab Paragraph but interrupted”

Wow that was very Beautiful Dr. Eh-boro.

I am so very sorry! Please don't pinch me! Continue…
“Crab Paragraph”

You laid eggs underneath the floorboards!?
“Crab noises”

They aren't your eggs???
“Crab noise”

When will they hatch?
“Crab noises”

They won't hatch!?
“Crab paragraph”

Very interesting, well, given the latest pxtunes project what inspiration can you gives our composers
“Crab paragraph. Crab laugh”

Hahahah that’s so funny! I didn't know crabs did that!
“Crab noises”

No, I am not laughing because I am afraid of you
“Crab demands”

Absolutely you can have the studio, lay all the eggs you guys need!
“Crab-sounding “Thank you”

Can I sign off the air?
“Crab-sounding “Yes”

WPTC news, Arizona

March 19, 2023, 6:09 a.m.