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ehm & myu - The Warlock - (Warlocked Intro)

Intro to the Game Boy game 'Warlocked'. Original OST by Jeroen Tel.
Featured on PXTUNES vs. GAMEBOY

Narrator and Evil Brother - Ehm
Warlock and Chorus - MyuPicks

There lived a man in a castle up high
Wise in the arts arcane
A charm, a twinkle, with stars in his eyes
Only one step away from insane

His study lended not to an easy road
His knowledge was vast, yet so were his foes

A scheme was wrought, to eliminate his might
And so our hero was attacked, one stormy night

An arduous battle, his fingers grew numb
The master knowing well his own demise
“Of course,” he muttered, knowing this day would come
“But I’ll make certain I shan’t be the only that dies”

A shower of sparks took the man on one side
A great freezing wind snuffed the other
And in the center, madly sneering with pride
Was the man he recognized as his brother

“My kin, my own brethren, why could this be!”
But he received no response
The last thing he saw, falling from the balcony
Was the glint of a smile that taunts

And there he lay, sodden, among the rocks
His tribulations had only just begun
With a fire in heart, he prepares to run
For this is the tale of the Warlock

past few weeks I’ve been living in hiding - no
steed, no cart, no nothing for riding - but I’ve been
biding my time, strategizing, devising - to
claim the stage on which I’ll be alighting

first things first, I’ve gotta find a way - to
regain the powers that I had squandered in a day - with-
out my magic and grimoire, then God has cursed my luck - you
better bet that I’m no better than a sitting duck

it’s a
secret to all, but I may know of a staff
hidden in the forest, no, this ain’t a gaffe - it be-
stows a great magic, now you do the math - there’s
no more perfect tool to carry my wrath

I’ve been
posing as a beggar and I’ve collected funds - it
took a long time, cause they all came in ones - I’ve
bought the ticket, I’m leaving soon - I’m
heading off, to the forest of Doom

And so he
Ventured forth, on this mighty quest; looking
For the staff, he squandered all his rest; Unsure his
path; He found a small riverbed
Following its line and making no repose
There, at a lake, a house, close to ruination
Photos from long days gone are overgrown
There, at last, our hero proceeded onward
Finding the staff that always was his own

After collecting the staff, our hero took a slightly less treacherous journey back, and after a brief respite, went to confront the usurper

crawled from your grave, so it seems, should’ve known, the
lack of a corpse, made my crime too clean, a
true mistake, to assume, that the wolves
had torn you limb from limb

speak, you rat, and make it quick
standing in the same room makes me sick - it’s the
least, I could grant, for the ignorant soul who
came to die again

you’re mistaken, dear brother, for I know the facts - your
impetus for ignorance can cut you some slack - but I
know you’re not here for some silly farce - so
cut the crap and come down here so I can kick your arse

that magic staff you hold – ah, so you see - it’s the
ultimate tool, to end your tyranny - I
hardly see a purpose to a staff such as that - it’s
magic capacity won’t allow for combat

see you’ve found the truth and, yes, that is so - but the
one thing it’s good for, isn’t meant for a foe - I
don’t want to kill you, you’re my own flesh and blood - so
remember this staff and remember our love!

(sick keytar solo, which is what the staff was all along)

I understand now, in the error of my ways
after that (sick) solo, I am no longer the same
I’m sorry brother, for my longing for power
my heart has calmed, like a blooming flower

And so they went into the sunset - again, and forevermore, brothers

Sept. 2, 2023, 4:04 a.m.
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Sept. 2, 2023, 4:24 a.m.