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Ep1 WPTC NEWS- 2023 Election


From WPTC News in Arizona I’m WillThur, this is All the things that we considered

An election was held this week to decide the next album themes for 2023. However, thousands of members decided to band together and elect their own theme. Some community members joined in prayer outside the poles begging god to stop the count. However, the majority of members simply did not care and embraced the absurdity of this election. When the count concluded, “Crab” became the most popular theme idea for 2023.

An investigation was conducted to identify the activist responsible for the “Crab” movement. The prankster in question is a widely respected hardstyle composer who goes by the online alias “Zlon-ic-uh”. Zlonice turned down our request for an interview, but instead released a brief statement on discord reading “I WAS the silliest” followed by a Crab emoji.

It is unclear at the time if “Crab” will be the next album, president jaxcheese stated that “Crab” is open to interpretation. Many members have given their thoughts on what “Crab” music sounds like. One disagreement lead to a violent altercation leaving three dead and four injured. The morning after, Religious extremists stormed the capital chanting hymns in an unknown language. President Jaxcheese ordered a temporary curfew in response to the recent events, stating “You are all grounded, think about what you did”.

The two other most popular choices are Tonyquest and Pxtunes vs. Gameboy. Toneyquest, a future RPG starring the Pxtunes mascot Toney, will be an album where each participant composes key themes that express toney's journey throughout the game. PXTUNES vs. GAME BOY is a theme where participants pick a tune from their favorite Gameboy soundtrack and cover it using pxtone or ptcollab.

WPTC news, Arizona

March 19, 2023, 6:09 a.m.
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