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made for TONEY QUEST. listen to it:

ngl i cracked this one out in a tiny span of time and promptly forgot about it. thx again jax for reminding me about it existing. much of the time i spent on this little ditty™ was in a vc with an unrelated-to-pxtone friend group i happen to be in. they likened this to papyrus, like the skeleton named after the font named after the paper named after the plant. this thing was the result of throwing things at the wall and seeing what stuck. it was the third thing i threw at the wall. that's why the name of the file is toneything3.ptcop. because it was the 3rd thing i had thrown at the wall to see what could do reasonably well.

the toney quest synclisten was without a doubt the greatest thing i've ever seen in a discord server. i cannot praise the people who helped put it together enough. no words would suffice. i am confident that the memory of that experience alone will last as long as i live. this community has been wonderful, and i'm certain that that will be the case for years to come.

i had exams the next day. it was totally worth having barely studied for them the day of the synclisten, especially because i didn't have to score all that well on them anyway :P

idk what the next thing will be. i don't have all that much to worry about right now, at least for a little while. assumedly possibly another scrimbly, hopefully one where i look more into microtonality or xenharmony or whatever they call it nowadays.

May 11, 2024, 4:52 a.m.
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